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Copper Labradorite Pendant


  • Labradorite crystal with a beautiful brown, yellow and green flash.
  • Intricately wrapped with copper wire.
  • It comes with a simple 18 inch copper chain, however the bail is large and any chain or cord can be substituted to give it a different look.

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 Protection• Transformation• Self discovery• Spiritual growth

Guidance• Inspiration

A stone that looks as if it has captured the cosmic rays of the aurora borealis, Labradorite is a powerful tool used for divination. It enhances intuition, psychic abilities and acts as a talisman of protection against negative thoughts, allowing space for our highest self to flourish.

Originally discovered in Labrador, Canada, deposits have been found in Finland, Russia, Ukraine, and Madagascar.



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Our forests are sacred.

10% from each sale is donated to organizations that

preserve wild spaces and fight climate change.

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