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Behind the Brand

The Phoenix is a mythological creature that lives an endless cycle of death and rebirth. When the bird grows old, it bursts into flames, but it always rises again, reborn amongst the embers. The story reminds us that through any hardship can come a period of happiness and good fortune and that out of suffering, we grow in spirit.

Phoenix is actually my middle name and the story gives me strength to get through each day.

As for my other name, Leigh, it was meant to be spelt Lee, like my mom, grandmother and great grandmother, but someone at the hospital got it wrong and I’m not mad about it. The definition of  “Leigh” is a delicate, flowery meadow and that fits my whimsical, cottage-core aesthetic just fine. 

Phoenix Leigh Designs is about finding beauty and magic in the world around us and love, strength and power within yourself.