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Why Choose Vintage?

There is something special about a unique piece that has a history behind it. Who first owned it? Where did they wear it and what stories does it carry? It conjures a special sense of mystery, curiosity and imagination.

We also love that buying second hand items reduces our impact on the environment through recycling and repurposing and helps us avoid mass produced, fast fashion giants.

Our collection includes previously owned vintage(20-50 yrs) antique (50-100 yrs+) pieces from Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Retro eras as well as quality crafted modern pieces (2000s-now) waiting to be rediscovered and find a new home.

Our prices reflect current market values, calculated based on the gold or silver content, gemstone, designer name, and antique market value of each piece as well as the time and work required to source, authenticate, clean, polish, display and market our items. 

Each piece from our collection is carefully curated through online reseller channels and partnerships with estate sales, vintage dealers and individuals looking to sell their inherited collections, which means that every item is being recycled and essentially rescued!  


The Experience

Whether at a popup market or our home showroom, our goal is to recreate the sense of childhood wonder of hunting for hidden treasures.

We do this by creating an environment that is alluring and draws you into the space with dreamy design, calming scents and atmospheric music. 

Our old jewelry boxes (for sale!) are full of compartments and drawers bursting with jewelry that make you feel like you’re 10 years old again, rummaging through your grandmother’s jewelry box.

We get new (old!) stock almost every week so there is always something to discover. Book an appointment today or visit us at our next market to see for yourself!

Shop a small selection of our pieces on Poshmark: Here