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Trinity – Labradorite


  • Delicate, feminine and elegant.
  • Grey Labradorite beads wrapped with red brass wire.
  • Made to order.
  • Please choose size in the drop down menu below.

The Rule Of Three

Whatever you put out into the world will return to you three times over, be it positive or negative.

Let this ring be a daily reminder to be your best self and treat others with love and kindness.



supports the crown, third eye and throat chakras 

Transformation • self discovery • spiritual growth • inspiration

-Labradorite looks as if it has captured the cosmic rays of the Aurora Borealis. A powerful tool used for divination, it enhances intuition, psychic abilities and acts as a talisman of protection against negative thoughts, allowing space for our highest selves to flourish.

-Discovered in Labrador, Canada, deposits are also found in Finland, Russia, Ukraine, and Madagascar.


*Please be aware* The item you receive may not have the exact combination of colors as seen in main photo. Labradorite is a natural mineral that has many different characteristics and a variety of colours. The beads I use are randomly chosen from my collection. If you would like a certain set of shades (ie all dark, all light or a variety etc) Please indicate in the notes section during checkout. Thank you.

Brass wire will naturally develop a brown patina over time, giving it an aged appearance, wear it often to keep it shining like new.

Please take care to avoid snagging, pulling or crushing this ring. Remove before showering, applying perfume and body lotion/oils.

The photos have been taken in a light box with daylight quality bulbs to show the true color although colors may vary slightly from one computer monitor to another.

-Learn about how to care for your jewelry here.

-Learn more about materials here



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